My mission as a family lawyer is to achieve the best possible agreement or court order in a timely way, while minimizing cost and conflict. I appreciate that sometimes this can only be achieved through an aggressive approach. However, often a non-adversarial process can be more effective. I am an experienced negotiator, trained mediator and one of the founding members of Collaborative Practice Ottawa. While I’m prepared to work vigorously in court on your behalf, I will always help you consider alternative options.

Everyone wants  a good and fair result. In order to achieve that, we need to define those terms and address the concerns you may have. A separation or divorce is inevitably stressful and I serve my clients with a profound appreciation of that fact. I define “good” and “fair” not only by the terms of the final deal or court order, but also by the emotional and financial cost of getting there. It is never worth paying $1,000 to get an extra dollar, and certainly not if it means that a painful dispute will drag on for many extra months or years.

Whatever approach we take, I minimize the costs of legal processes by maximizing efficiencies throughout the process. I run a virtually paperless practice and try to minimize time-consuming face-to-face meeting in favour of phone calls and emails. My experienced assistant Leslie Belson helps gather information and file court documents. This leaves me more flexible and available to communicate with clients and other lawyers in a very timely manner.

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